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The participating entities of ADVANCE(CAT) are involved in biomedical research, clinical application and industrial production. All of them have been successful in their respective lanes but it recently appeared that none could individually guarantee the whole chain of development of advanced therapies, from the basic research to the clinic and beyond to the industrial production. A clear lack of coordination between the different actors was missing for Catalonia to be able to compete at the forefront.


The Objective

The objective of the ADVANCE(CAT) consortium is to gather and organize the expertise of all Catalan entities working on advanced therapies and create a synergistic effect to accelerate the development of new products that will have a qualitative impact on health system and impulse new economic opportunities. 


Coordinated Efforts

All members of ADVANCE(CAT) are committed to work in a coordinated way on cell therapy, gene therapy and tissue engineering technologies.


To ensure the effective integration of efforts, a steering structure has been assembled to oversee the collective work, appropriate IT tools will be developed to register and explore data, infrastructures will be rationally shared in a transversal way and upgraded, procedures will be compared, improved and mutually adopted, production processes will be reviewed for automatization. 

ADVANCE(CAT) is part of the NEXTHEALTH community coordinated by Biocat.