ADVANCE(CAT) gathers the efforts and expertise of 18 catalan institutions, both public and private, to speed up the conversion of advanced therapies from the idea to the product. 


Our mission: to consolidate and coordinate the scientific and technological resources to support all projects of cell therapy, gene therapy and tissue engineering and to accelerate the translation to the clinic and/or industrial exploitation.

Our vision: to become a well-known accelerator for research centers, hospitals and biotech companies for advanced therapies.


The consortium brings together the principal actors of Catalonia in the field of advanced therapies. ADVANCE(CAT) is not exclusive to its members but is open to collaborations with other entities of Catalonia and abroad, if you would like to know to benefit the potential of ADVANCE(CAT) please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Clinical and industrial applications of cell therapy

ADVANCE(CAT) intends to promote the use of somatic stem cells towards clinical application and industrial exploitation. Further, ADVANCE(CAT) works on the potential of pluripotent stem cells, both PSCs and ESCs, for specific diseases

Clinical applications of tissue engineering

ADVANCE(CAT) intends to develop new artificial tissue production systems by combining both natural and artificial scaffolds with cells. ADVANCE(CAT) will develop 3D printing techniques of scaffolds in GMP environments.

Industrial Production

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ADVANCE(CAT) general assembly to discuss the future of ATMPs

July 24, 2018

Interview to Dr. Canals, coordinator of the Advance(CAT)

May 22, 2018


May 14, 2018

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ADVANCE(CAT) is led by the University of Barcelona and Ferrer International and gathers the expertise of 18 institutions, from big pharma to start-ups, from clinical research institutions to sport club. All these institutions work together to accelerate the development of advanced therapies. 
We are open to new collaborations to exchange ideas and technologies and accelerate the development of advanced therapies. If you would like to know about the potential of ADVANCE(CAT) please don’t hesitate to contact us.
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This work has been developed in the context of AdvanceCat with the support of ACCIÓ (Catalonia Trade & Investment; Generalitat de Catalunya) under the Catalonian ERDF operational program (European Regional Development Fund) 2014-2020.